Application error root element is missing

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Physics: Added methods to determine closest point to a Collider2D. Added Physics2D. ClosestPoint, Rigidbody2D. Profiler: UnityEditor. AttachToPlayerDropdown added to public API to offer a one-stop solution to display and change the player the editor is attached to.

Application error root element is missing

Editor: Merged Shortcut Profile dropdown and the Shortcut Profile options cog into a single dropdown. Editor: Shortcut Profiles cannot start or end with space and disallowed some special characters. Editor: Usage of DescriptionAttribute to change the display name of enum values in the inspector has been removed.

Editor: We no long try to attach to a console in the editor when using batch mode on Windows, but we do redirect to stdout. If you launch the editor in a way that it has a valid stdout handle, you will get logging. If not, you won't. This means we no longer trample your command window output in batchmode as a result.

Graphics: ASTC 'fast' and 'best' compressor quality options are now actually different from 'normal'. Graphics: CommandBuffer. Graphics: Texture Mipmap streaming in editor Edit Mode now defaults to being enabled, when texture streaming is enabled in quality settings. Linux: Deprecate Linux x86 and Universal targets. These will be removed in future Unity versions. Projects which should be automatically updated with a reference to the package when they open for the first time with Physics: Increase default max angular velocity to 50 radian per second, as default value was way too low.

Scripting: Added support for serialisation for struct UnityEngine. SphericalHarmonicsL2 Windows: Logfile name has changed to be more consistent with other platforms: Player. Path has not changed. Android: Added 'Symlink Sources' in Build Settings window, this enabled Java and Kotlin files to be directly referenced from Unity project in the exported gradle project.

Android: Adjust the number of worker threads dynamically according to the number of online cores. Android: Enumerate all Android audio input device options, including the lowest-latency option, which can be selected via the name "Android voice recognition input". This reduces audio input and output latency. Animation: Implemented shift-click and right-click context menu to add properties in animation window without closing popup window. Animation: Improved support for animationjobs with TransformStreamHandle bound to transform added dynamicaly at runtime. Asset Import: Extended Optimize Mesh option on Model asset import settings to allow optimization of Vertex Order and Polygon Order to be controlled independently rather than both being controlled from the same flag.

NOTE: Performance improvements to the underlying mesh optimization code may cause vertices to be generated in a different order than in previous Unity versions. If you rely on vertex ordering in the optimized mesh data such as for vertex painting be aware this data may need to be re-generated. Note that although compression quality is not affected subtly different compressed results will likely be produced. Editor: Adds a keyboard shortcut for the submit button on the changeset submission window and for some commonly used VCS operations GI: Added support for shadow mask for rectangular area lights in the progressive lightmappers will be available via HDRP.

Graphics: Added Rendering. Graphics: Changing the motion vectors behavior: 1 - Nodes with Camera Motion only are not skipped anymore when the exclude motion vector flag is on 2 - Only submeshes with an explicit motion vector pass are skipped when exclude motion vector flag is on. Graphics: Creation of textures during async load on PC DX11 and Mac Metal moved off render thread into a job, to minimise hitches during load.

Graphics: Graphics. Blit and CommandBuffer. Blit methods now support blitting to and from texture arrays. Graphics: Metal: Second iteration on Metal heap allocation management to make it more fine-grained.

MATRA MFS 100 (MANTRA CONFIGURATION)ERROR 100%FIX (पुरी जानकारी हिन्दी में )

Graphics: Shader selection dropdown in Material asset editor got replaced with a searchable dropdown. Graphics: Texture Mipmap streaming now supported in editor Edit Mode when enabled in editor settings. Package Manager: Introducing scoped registry feature. This empower users to host their own package in a local private registry. This is experimental. The package manager UI was not updated for this feature.

Package Manager: Removed reference to "package" or "package manager" in the extension manager logs to avoid confusion with the new Package Manager system. Package Manager: Use the enablePackageManagerTraces command argument to also increase the logging level of the upm process. Particles: Add a new mode to the Texture Sheet Animation Module, allowing animations to be specific to each mesh being used.

Particles: Expose particle mesh indices to shaders, allowing users to know which mesh each particle is using. Physics: Added an info section to the Rigidbody inspector view that lets examine the current velocities, centre of mass and inertia tensor. Prefabs: Added method PrefabUtility.

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Prefabs: Show a "Auto Saving Profiler: Will now show time to wait for the next frame consistently accross all player platforms regardless of how vsync is implemented. Scripting: NativeArrays of bool and char and types containing bool and char can now be created , Shaders: Improve shader debugging by disabling the optimiser when generating debug shaders i. Shaders: Moved 38 builtin keywords to local keywords.

Terrain: Added a direction bias to the Terrain smoothing brush, to control blur to either go up or down. UI: Removing option for spritePacking tag in TextureImporter sprites when not using the legacy packing mode. See documentation for UnityEditor.

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SecondarySpriteTexture, which encapsulates a Texture2D and its shader property name to give Sprite-based renderers access to a secondary texture, in addition to the main Sprite texture. Animation: Add Animator. Asset Import: Added AssetImporter. SupportsRemappedAssetType to inform the user user if the importer supports remapping certain asset types for example Materials. PerformBumpMapCheck - Iterates over all material properties with the Normal flag and checks that the textures referenced by these properties are imported as normal maps.

Editor: Added AssemblyBuilder.

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Editor: Added CompilationPipeline. Editor: Added EditorUtility. GetDirtyCount which returns how many times SetDirty is invoked upon the specified asset. Reset to zero when saved. IsDirty which returns if any SetDirty is invoked upon the specified asset. Editor: Added GameObjectUtility.

Editor: Exposed ProjectWindowUtil. CreateScriptAssetFromTemplateFile, allowing Editor scripts to create new text-based assets from template files in a similar way to how the built-in C Script template is used. Editor: Fix input field for sliders that has width less than with no label GI: Added Gizmos.

Revit Error: Too many elements missing | Microsol Resources

This is the alternative to correcting them via Postprocessing. Graphics: Add a variant static function for ShaderUtil. CreateShaderAsset to skip compilation of the initial variant it can save compilation time for ShaderGraph and Visual Effect Graph but it doesn't log any early compilation errors. Graphics: Added Camera. Graphics: Added Graphics and CommandBuffer method overloads to allow blitting to and from a texture array in the corresponding blit methods. Graphics: Added Material. Graphics: Added Shader. GetDependency function used for querying one of the shader dependency shaders by name.

The "allSlices" property can be used instead of "-1" to indicate that all texture array slices should be bound for methods that support texture arrays. Graphics: UnityEngine.

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GraphView: GraphView. Memory Profiler: Added Dispose functionality for the PackedMemorySnapshot class in order to prevent instances from keeping a lock longer than necessary on the snapshot file. Memory Profiler: Added UnityEditor. Convert to handle conversion from MemoryProfiler. PackedMemorysnapshot object to UnityEditor. PackedMemorySnapshot file. Multiplayer: Added NetworkTransport.